AS Guide

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Customer Service : +82-32-814-0061(~3)

1. Online Search

Please search online to resolve the issue before contacting us. It can be solved simply.

2. A/S Consultation

After the consultation with the agent, please apply for A/S.

3. Product shipment

You’ll ship the product to customer service of Changshin Metal. (Courier service fee will be paid where there is a reason attributable)

4. A/S Processing

The process is done in consultation with the customer and the situation of the product.

5. Completed

Services such as repairs, exchanges, and refunds are completed.

Exchange / Return Rules

1. If exchange or return is possible

1) If there is a defect or damage to the product

2) Delivery mistakes (if you received another item or the wrong quantity has been shipped)

2. If exchange / return is not possible

1) If the product has left traces (heating and washing traces, etc.)

2) When the original condition of the product such as packaging, label, the choice is lost

3) If 14 days have elapsed since the product has been received (Shizell can return the exchange within 14 days)

4) If there is a fine pore or scratch below 0.2cm

(This is a natural thing that occurs in the manufacturing process and there is no problem with the use of the product.)

3. How to exchange/return

1) Basic exchange returns can be made at the place of purchase (such as the shopping mall where you purchased).

2) If you return to our company at your own discretion, processing may be difficult or delayed.

3) Please send the original product (including gifts) configuration. (Exchange returns cannot be accepted due to defects of the giveaway)

4) Interchangeable exchange is not possible.

5) If you return it due to customer remorse, the round-trip courier fee will be treated at the buyer’s expense.